Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thirteen Thursday and a Freebie

Last week, I read the blog of one of the people killed in the spate of tornadoes that ripped through the midwest. She and her husband were traveling from Colorado to Iowa when they were caught in a tornado and their car was lifted and tossed, killing them both. My heart and prayers go out to their families.

She had a feature on her blog that I really liked and decided to replicate here, with a little tweaking to make it my own. On Thursdays, I'll be posting 13 things that I'm grateful for that week. I think it's so important to examine your life, be aware of all the blessings you receive, then acknowledge and give thanks for them. So, my 13 Thursday list (in no particular order):

  1. I'm grateful for my family that gives me such joy

  2. I'm grateful for my education that allows me to find fulfillment in so many areas

  3. I'm grateful that I was able to attend a Motheread Training

  4. I'm grateful the 3 day Motheread training is over!

  5. I'm grateful for a supportive husband

  6. I'm grateful for an independent, free-thinking daughter

  7. I'm grateful that I was able to see one of my elementary ESL students (from 6 years ago) graduate a year early from High School! (Go Waheedah! I'm so proud of you!)

  8. I'm grateful that my 16 yo son has been respectful this week

  9. I'm grateful that my 18 yo son keeps me laughing

  10. I'm grateful that Summer is arriving

  11. I'm grateful for the 12/13 year old girls that I teach in church

  12. I'm grateful to God for all the blessings that are poured upon me, even when I am ungrateful and unforgiving.

  13. I'm grateful for all the wonderful people who visit my blog, enjoy my designs, and are so supportive of me.

Please enjoy Day 8 of my Whisper of Spring Luggage Tag Album! Remember that the full collection is 50% off--for 2 more days!

Download freebie HERE


Suz :) said...

This is an awesome and so are you! Thanks for being so generous…I always appreciate all the hard work you put into your designs. I continue to be one of your biggest fans and support you 100%!!

Ava in Wonderland said...

How sad :( Great that you are taking the time to list what you are thankful for!!

Unknown said...

Lovely freebie, and a lovely list of thankfulness.

nancypinct said...

Day 8 is beautiful! Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so sad about this couple! :(
Love the idea of the 13 Thursday!
Beautiful kit and thanks for the freebie! :)

Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute.

Barb said...

that's a great idea. Lovely designs too, thanks so much!

Amanda said...

I really like the Friday 13 idea. Thanks for sharing!

Neverland Scraps said...

I love how you used that woman's blog to create your own things--very nicely done!

Love your kit featured---its so beautiful!! And your luggage tag is just as beautiful! Thank you for your beautiful freebie!

Melissa said...

Thank you for your latest luggage tag--it is really pretty.

I like how you are adding a "thankful" list to your blog. I know I need to spend more time acknowledging and thanking God for me blessings on a daily basis.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful idea to write down what you're grateful for and to remind you of the blessings in your life! Thank you so much for another beautiful tag!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another beautiful luggage tag Amanda!

J9 said...

I really like the thankfullness list. Are you by any chance a Beehive teacher? I was just released as Laurel advisor :,( so I just wondered.
I also really like your 'You be the change you wish to see in the world quote'. I need to have that on view in my house somewhere, as I think it's really profound.
Thanks for all of your great art.