Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 3 Freebie

Today was a great day! I am pretty sure that there was a glitch in the time/space continuum because I got my house cleaned, I scrapped, my 16 yo son didn't argue all day, and hubby brought home Famous Daves BBQ for my birthday dinner! Great day! Tomorrow we go back to urgent care to get Emily's stitches out. I'll be bringing the camera to take some photos, of course. Poor little thing has this big black eye. The 13 yo dd Tina says she looks like the Target dog. (it's true--she does!)

Check back tomorrow when I post the information for my Digitals Challenges. I host the Calendar challenge and Scrap Therapy challenges. They are month-long challenges so you have plenty of time to complete them!

I've posted day 3 of the free Whisper of Spring Hybrid album. Don't forget that the Whisper of Spring Collection is on sale for 50% off during the 10 days of album pages!

Download this tag HERE

Friday, May 30, 2008

Layout share and new design!

I love clusters, don't you!? I made these great clusters that I hope you'll like as much as I do. They are quite large--ranging in size from 9x9 to 4x6. WIth a few of them, you just need to add a background paper and you're finished!

And the best news? They're on sale for 25% off through June 11th.

This is a layout of my parent's marriage. I love the photo because it shows how incredibly tall my father was. I also love my mother's outfit!


On to the freebie! Here is day 2 of the Basic Grey Luggage Tag Album made with A Whisper of Spring. Come back every day for 10 days to collect all the pieces before it goes in the store!

Remember, they're only up for a day!

Download HERE!

Back to Blogging with a freebie!

What a hectic day it was yesterday! First, I woke up to no email. Comcast email was down so I was out of touch with everything! I guess the upside to that was that I was able to get some layouts made! I could have spent the time cleaning my house...that's just crazy talk!

Then, I had to prepare for our small graduation party for my ESL class. BTW, I am so proud of them. I the 60 hours that I've been teaching them, they have all made 2 level gains! They are expected to make one level gain, but these guys worked so hard that they made 2 level gains! Woo Hoo! I still have to grade their written tests, but for the oral exam--they rocked!

After class and after yet another argument with my 16 year old son, little Emily fell and hit the corner of her eye on the heating intake vent. (yes, metal!) My 18 yo had taken the car (with the carseat) so I had to borrow a car and carseat to get Emily to Instacare. An hour later, she had 2 stitches and the start of a very nice black eye. This morning it is almost swollen shut. (I'll post photos after she wakes up...)

When I came home, I walked upstairs to see a florescent glow coming from my bedroom. Yep, my darling husband had gotten me a big screen LCD HDTV Television set! He started out looking at the cheapest one Costco had but by the time he left, he had talked himself into a 47 inch LCD...(evidently, LCD has better contrast than plasma. He also told me something else about it 1080 something, but I stopped listening at "This is a much better tv..." Amanda could care less about all the specs--when I watch a movie, is it going to feel like Matthew McConaughey is sitting on my lap? If so, then I have nothing further to ask.

On to scrapbooking...I love hybrid! My husband--not so much. He loves the non-messy aspect of digital scrapbooking, so when I pulled out my glue and chipboard albums, he groaned. I've learned how to ignore everything since my 16 yo has gotten into this disrespectful stage, so I just tune Randy out when it comes to hybrid! Just wait til he sees his Father's Day present. He'll change his hybrid tune! LOL!

Anyway...I decided that I would give a way a page a day of my "A Whisper of Spring Luggage Tag Album." At the end of the 10 days, you'll have a complete album and I'll put it in the store for those who missed out. HOWEVER, the links will only be active for a day. When I post the new luggage tag, the previous day will be deleted...(I'll leave today's post up a little longer to make sure everyone has a chance to find out!) THe pages fit the Basic Grey Luggage Tag Album.

I made the pages with my kit A Whisper of Spring. Be sure to check out the gorgeous quick pages that Chris Hutchings (hutchie) made.

You can find all my hybrid designs here and A Whisper of Spring Collection here. To make this even more sweet, A Whisper of Spring Collection is on sale for 50% off during these 10 days!!

Download HERE.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's My Birthday!!! Sale and Freebies Galore!

It's my birthday today! I could tell you how old I am, but then I'd have to shoot you! This one is a little harder than past ones, because I really thought I was 2 years younger than I am! I've been telling people I am 42...Not so, it seems! I guess when I had my sweet daughter Emily at 42, time just stood still for me. I wish time stood still for her! She's growing much too fast and I'm missing my sweet little baby who only wanted to be held and snuggled all day.

I made this layout of her using my Walking on Sunshine Bracket Album. My 13 yo dd and I are making a hybrid album for Emily. I'll post photos when we are finished!

To celebrate my birthday, I'm having a sale where my ENTIRE store is 44% off! Plus, I've got freebies like crazy!

Join the Digitals Store Yahoo Group NOW. Later today, I'll be sending through this great freebie--but only to people who are members of the group! You won't want to miss this one! You can sign up here.

You might want to take a minute to sign up for MY yahoo group while you're at it--I'll be sending a special gift through it today as well! In the meantime, to hold you over, here is a great bracket page made with Walking on Sunshine! This fits the Basic Gray bracket album.

Grab the bracket page HERE!

Be sure to stop by the Digitals blog for another freebie!

Have a fabulous day! I plan to!

More Memorial Day Thoughts and a freebie

After my post last night I laid in bed thinking about sacrifice. My cousin, William Walden and my uncle, William Merrill gave the ultimate sacrifice--their lives. But didn't their family also give the ultimate sacrifice? My Uncle Arthur lost a brother (William Merrill) in WW1 and then lost his prized son (William Walden) in WW2. On there was a tribute to servicemen and women who lost their lives in Iraq. One of the photos was a soldier with his 2 small children (both of whom looked under 4). Didn't this family give the ultimate sacrifice? This young mother lost her husband and will be raising her small children alone.

So, today as I celebrate Memorial Day, I not only honor those who lost their lives in service, but also those who lost loved ones in service.

I also honor my ct members Chris and Gina who parent their children alone while their husbands are gone, who go to bed every night praying that they won't be one of those wives who gives the ultimate sacrifice--their husbands. They are better women than I--I am too selfish to give my husband to my country.

So, in honor of their love of their husbands and country, I've put Head Over Heels on sale for 50% off--one day only! Tuesday, 5/27/08 and I am offering a free mini kit here on my blog and a free quick page on the Digitals blog.

Download this mini kit HERE.

Be sure to get the coordinating quick page from the Digitals Blog!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Honoring William Walden Corry (with a free mini kit!)

Although I'm a Florida State Fan, I am still proud of my Gator cousin, William Walden Corry. Today's post honors him and all the other soldiers who lost their lives in World War 2.

This information is from the Gator Zone. (Don't tell my brother I went there! I could be disowned!)

Few athletes in University of Florida history were more primed for success in life than William Walden Corry of Quincy. His credentials as an athlete, scholar and leader were impeccable. His inner strength and courage enabled him to accomplish tasks that most would not attempt.
Corry lettered in football and golf for the Gators from l940-42. He was the starting fullback and captain of the l942 football team. At 6-1, l98 pounds, he was as big as most linemen, and he could run and block. Newspaper accounts from that era described him as "tough."
As a senior he led the l942 team in scoring with 36 points. He ran for three touchdowns against Randolph-Macon, and his third quarter TD against Auburn was the difference in a 6-0 upset victory by the Gators.

Corry was also the unquestioned leader of the student body, serving as its president in l942-43 and as an officer in many campus organizations. He was president of Alpha Kappa Psi and Scabbard and Blade, vice-president of the F-Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, member of the Executive Council of Florida Blue Key, senior warden of the Episcopal Vestry and Colonel of the Army ROTC .

When he graduated with honors from the College of Business Administration on May 4, l943 the future appeared golden. Steve O'Connell, a champion boxer at UF in the l930s and later president of the university, told close friend Whitt Palmer of Ocala that he thought Corry might one day be President of the United States.

Corry traded his cap and gown for an Army commission as a second lieutenant the week after graduation. He was sent for training at Ft. Sill, and other bases in the states, before being shipped overseas for duty in the European Theater under famed General George A. Patton.
The field artillery detachment commanded by 2nd Lt. Corry was fighting its way across France on hie 23rd birthday in January of l945. Patton's troops were slowly but steadily shoving the German army out of that nation.

On February 4 of that year, only weeks after his birthday, a major artillery battle took place. A German shell exploded amidst Corry and his men. Reports show the attack took place in the dark and when medical corpsmen arrived, Lt. Corry told them to take care of the men in his platoon first. By the time they could get back to him, he had passed away. It was noted by the corpsmen that it was a wonder He could even speak, much less in an audible voice. Lt Corry was awarded the Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Cross and a Purple Heart.

Corry was buried in his hometown of Quincy, not far from the house on East King Street where he grew up, which is still inhabited by his brother, Rev. Richard Corry. His sister, Jean Corry Munroe, lived next door. Corry was born and raised in Quincy, and was a high school golf and football star who spent his summers in Passaic, N.J. as a sportswriter for his grandfather's newspaper.

He was honored in March of l959 when the University of Florida named its new married student housing complex on campus the William W. Corry Memorial Village. To this day Corry Village is home to Gator students and their families.

America the Beautiful Collection was made in honor of all American Soldiers who serve their country with honor and distinction.

Download this free mini kit HERE.

America the Beautiful Collection is on sale for 25% off through Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

America the Beautiful Free Mini Kit

Join me as we celebrate America and honor the men and women who have died serving our country. My family is a Navy family and have served with distinction and honor. Today's post will honor my great Uncle William Merrill Corry, Jr.

This information is from the Naval History Page here.

Lieutenant Commander William M. Corry, Jr., USN (1889-1920)

William Merrill Corry, Jr. was born on 5 October 1889 at Quincy, Florida. Admitted to the the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1906, he graduated in 1910 and spent the next five years serving in the battleship Kansas. In mid-1915, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Corry began instruction in aviation at Pensacola, Florida, and was designated Naval Aviator # 23 in March 1916. He had a flying positions with the armored cruiser Seattle between November 1916 and May 1917, then was an officer in the armored cruiser North Carolina.

In August 1917, Lieutenant Corry began World War I service in France, where he commanded Naval Air Stations at Le Croisic and Brest during 1918 and early 1919. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in July 1918. Corry remained in France for the rest of 1919 and the first half of 1920, involved in removing U.S. Naval Aviation forces from Europe as part of the post-war demobilization. In mid-1920 Lieutenant Commander Corry was assigned as aviation aide to the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet, stationed on the Fleet's flagship, USS Pennsylvania.

While on a flight from Long Island, New York, with another pilot in early October 1920, the plane crashed near Hartford, Connecticut. Though thrown clear of the wreckage, the injured Corry ran back to pull the other officer free of the flaming aircraft. Badly burned during this rescue, William M. Corry died at Hartford on 7 October 1920. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism during that accident.

Airfields at Pensacola, Florida, and three destroyers have been named in honor of Lieutenant Commander Corry. The ships are: USS Corry (DD-334) of 1921-1930, USS Corry (DD-463) of 1941-1944, and USS Corry (DD-817) of 1946-1981.

Patriotism was instilled in us at an early age. I made America the Beautiful in homage to my family and all the other men and women who have served so valiantly and honorably.

Download this mini kit free HERE.

Be sure to stop by the Digitals blog for another freebie!

America the Beautiful Collection is on sale for 25% off through Memorial Day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Walking on Sunshine Bracket Album Freebie

Looking for some Sunshine to add to your hybrid projects? This is the project for you! Perfect for little hands and big hands alike, this album will surely be something to brag about. Fits the Basic Gray Bracket Album perfectly, but you can also print on cardstock and laminate for a less-expensive alternative!

See the entire Walking on Sunshine Collection here.

Album Includes:

9 300 dpi brackets quick pages in png format

1 each front and back covers in jpg format

6 solid color backing papers

Album by Shawn Walter, at Digitals!

Download freebie HERE.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New! Walking on SUnshine Brag Book! Freebie!

Need a little sunshine to brighten your days? Need a fast and easy way to show off those photos? Walking on Sunshine will have you walking on sunshine with its bright cheery colors and quirky embellishments! The watercolor paper textures, torn and wrinkled embellishments, and glittered sprays found in this brag book will thrill and excite you!

Included in album:
10 4x6 300 dpi quick pages

Pages made by Shawn Walter.

See the Full Walking on Sunshine Collection

Please enjoy this free Walking on Sunshine Brag Book Page!
(click on image or on "free" to download)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bracket-Style Quick Pages and Freebie!

Love the look of the hybrid bracket albums but gave up glue and scissors long ago? Short on Time? Have a lot of photos to scrap? No worries! I've got you covered! Look no further than this beautiful quick page album. Made using my Bracket Album quick pages as the basis for the page, these will give you the look of a bracket album in a traditional digital scrapbook!

On sale for 25% off for one week only!

Nanny's Garden Quick Pages--Bracket Style

Be sure to check out the rest of my Nanny's Garden!

Mariposa Quick Pages--Bracket Style

Be sure to check out the rest of my Mariposa Collection!

Download this free Mariposa 8x8 quick page here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Template Tuesday Freebie

I'm back to my Template Tuesday Freebies! I hope you enjoy this one right in time for Memorial Day layouts! Be sure to see all of my templates in my store!

Scroll down for download link!

You might want to use my kit "America the Beautiful" for all your Patriotic layouts! It's on sale for 25% off through Memorial Day!

Please download this template with my compliments!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Need an End of School Teacher Gift? Try this Free!

Have end of school teacher gifts to give out? Have school photos you haven't scrapped yet? You've found the perfect kit--Fall into School! Filled with rich colors, this beautiful mix of papers and fun, well-coordinated embellishments is perfect for the requisite school pages.

Fall into School Free Quick Page

Enjoy this free Fall into School Quick Page with my compliments!