Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks from my daughter, Christina

My daughter is having a ball with her blog! We went to the Map Supply store yesterday and got a huge laminated wall map for her to use for tracking her new online "friends". Of course, we had to get an atlas and 2 geography books while we were there! Her initial goal was to get a comment from every continent. Last night, with a comment from Africa, I think she hit that goal. Well, no one has commented from Antarctica, but we can skip that one right? (If you know anyone on a cruise there, have them send a comment!)

Every day, as soon as I pick her up from summer school, she asks to check her blog. We are both having so much fun with it. (btw, she corrected that run-on sentence from yesterday! Holy cow!) Anyway, look for a freebie on her blog later this evening when she gets home from church. She wants to thank everyone for visiting and commenting! We are working on teaching her how to use ACDSee for scrapbooking. When she figures it out, she'll be able to make her own quick pages to share!

If you haven't visited, you can see her blog here:
BTW, we added a map feature to her blog so it shows on a map where all her visitors are from. Wish I had it on there from the beginning!

Here's the freebie going up on her blog! It coordinates with the Blog Train freebie I'm giving out! It's a mini kit with which to embellish your album!

Thanks again everyone!


Lisa said...

How cool is that!! So glad she is enjoying her blogging!!

Unknown said...

I keep trying to leave a comment but it won't let me! But tell her thanks please!