Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AD: Shabby SHeik on sale, new items, freebies!

Be sure to catch the entire Shabby Sheik collection on sale for 25% off for this week of daily downloads. And remember, Walking on Sunshine Collection is 35% off (through Wednesday only!) and Garden Critters Collection is 50% off!
Look for a new link tonight at midnight Eastern Time!

Be sure to stop by the blogs of Beth Rimmer and SHawn Walter for more yummy goodness~


Pamela said...

AWESOME KIT!! I love the name. Too cool LOL. Thanks for all the goodies to go with it :-)

Anonymous said...

Am I stupid? I can't find the download link for today's freebie page.
Anyway, I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your talent. :)

Barbara said...

I have been tied up the last couple of days so I had no idea the three of you were doing this. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for more of your beatiful work!!