Friday, March 28, 2008

FREE! Loads of Quickies!


Join the Digitals Quickie Challenge and upload yours by March 31st!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Feature: Template Tuesday Freebie

Visit my blog every Tuesday for a free template challenge! Make a layout with the free template, post your layout link in the comment section, and I'll award a random poster a $5 coupon to my store!

You can download your free template here. Don't forget to leave your gallery link in the comment section!

March Madness Continues!

This week, all my kits are 25% off! Sale ends Sunday, so hurry in!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scrap Therapy Crop and FREEBIES!

Come to Scrap Therapy Chat tonight and get these great freebies for attending! Both freebies coordinate with my new kit Les Jardins du Manoir. Join the Digital Quickies Challenge and get a bundle of QUick Pages FREE! Chat is held in the Digitals chat room at 9:00 PM EST!

Quick Page Freebie

Mini Kit Freebie

New Design: Shabby Easter!

If you liked Shabby Sheik, you'll fall in love with Shabby Easter! Shabby Easter was made with the same color pallette as Shabby Sheik so your layouts will coordinate and you'll have so much more to choose from! Like your layouts a little bit shabby? A little bit chic? Then this is the kit for you! Filled with just the right amount of shabbiness, you'll turn to this kit again and again for
all your layouts! With an eclectic color palette, these designs will be at home on feminine or masculine layouts.
Regularly priced at $4.00; on sale for $3.50 for a limited time!

Included in set:

10 12x12 300 dpi lightly shabby backgrounds

2 frames

2 brads

3 flowers

1 stem of leaves

1 butterfly

1 string of beads

3 beaded staples

1 file folder

1 file folder pocket

Special thanks to Trina Clark for the fun clip art and Atomic Cupcake for the PS action.

New Designs!

I can't believe I completely forgot to blog about my St. Patrick's Day kit! Doh! Well, here it is a little late, but still really cheap! This is part of a series of kits I'm working on that all coordinate called "Soft Pastels".

Enjoy the soft delicate textures of the Soft Pastel series as you mix and match these perfectly coordinated designs. Soft Pastels: St. Patrick's Day is filled with the colors of the Irish--green, brown, and teal. Shamrocks, plaid, checkerboard will adorn your pages and bring your layouts to life. The Soft Pastel Series features the clip art of Trina Clark.

Included in kit:

9 softly textured 300 ppi 12x12 backgrounds

2 ribbon-wrapped frames

5 fabric flowers

5 buttons

1 tied ribbon key ring

1 buckle

1 paper chain

6 ribbons

2 tied ribbons

3 ric rac

1 swirl

1 clothespin

1 piece of tape

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sisters by Design Week 3

Sisters by Design Part Three is in the store now! Enjoy part three of this wonderful collab kit by The Twisted Sisters. Filled with fun and funky colors, these playful papers and elements will have you eagerly scrapping your most clever layouts! Part Three is designed by Amanda Thorderson

Included in kit:

6 folded, wrinkled backgrounds

1 embellished paper frame

2 ribbon flowers

2 buttons

1 tied ribbon embellished with pony beads

4 separate pony beads

1 beaded tied bow

1 glittered swirlie heart

1 journal block, stapled (realistic drop shadow added)

1 single journal block

1 staple

Look for a freebie to be posted later today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Digital Quickies Challenge--Free Quick Pages!

Stop by Digitals and join our Digital Quickies challenge! Purchase one or all of the featured kits for only $3 each, make a quick page (or two or three…) and get everyone’s quick pages made with that kit--FREE!!

At $3 a kit, you just can’t pass this up!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Madness Sale

Every week in March, I'm featuring a different category and putting it on sale! This week, I'm featuring my Templates and Quick Pages!

My templates are 20% off and my Quick Pages (including brag books and calendars)are 25% off! Come grab them fast while they're on sale!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Couple of Layouts of the Day!

The first one comes from 3 Scrapateers! I received their layout of the day for my layout "The Family". I made this one for the Amazing Digi Scrap Race. We were supposed to scrap our favorites: color (red), element (those flourishes), and subject (my family, of course!) I used my new kit "Les Jardins du Manoir" for the layout! I also used photo actions from Holly McCaig.

The next layout of the day (this one at Digitals) was also one I made for the Amazing Digi Scrap Race! This one we were supposed to "vent" in our layout and use blending modes. For "Footprints" I used a background from my Count Your Blessings kit and blended it with little Emily's feet.

Journaling was from a journal entry I made while I was taking a Mind and Nature class at The University of Utah. We were on vacation in Blanding for the 4th of July and had just come home from visiting a dinosaur museum.

Journaling reads:

I find that I can never look at things the same way as before. When we talk about the dinosaurs that lived on earth 250 million years ago, I now have a timeline to put them into. I found myself telling my children, “If we looked at earth from the point of view of a 24 hour clock, dinosaurs would have been here at 10pm.” It has also been humbling to view these reptiles that were victim to a mass extinction, knowing that we may be headed for their same fate. I wonder what type of organisms will survive this extinction and what they’ll think about us when they dig up our artifacts.
As I lie under the night sky looking upward toward a magnificent fireworks show, I wonder, “When our artifacts and fossils are found, will they tell the whole story?” Will they know our wonder and thrill of seeing the colors burst forth in the blackness of night? Will they know the heady aroma of a rose wet with dew? Will they know the simple joys of holding a child’s hand as you walk along the beach at sunset? What part of Lucy’s story are we missing; or the story of anatomically human humans? When their children were sick, did they softly brush the wet hair off their fevered brow? Did they look up at the same night sky and thrill at falling stars?
I am fascinated by the footprints made by dinosaurs that have been found throughout the world. From these footprints, they are able to discover mating rituals, migration patterns, and social behaviors. It makes me ponder the roles I’m playing, and the footprints I’m leaving behind. How will my footprints be interpreted? Will they show an interconnected web of family and social relationships? Will they portray me as a person who watched over others and the environment? How will the human race be viewed? Will we be commended for saving the world from a mass extinction, or will we be known as the ones who caused an annihilation of epic proportions that led to the extinction of all life forms on earth, ourselves included?
It is humbling to think about, and yet motivating at the same time. We don’t have to go the way of the dinosaur. We can live in harmony with the natural world and lighten our footprint on the earth. We can fight for changes large and small. Government policy can be changed and personal habits can be changed. We are not on a theme park ride that we have to travel to its inevitable conclusion. The end is not an inescapable foregone conclusion. We can detour, change direction, and switch rides.
Confucius said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Where will our journey lead and are we willing to take that first step? Will another creature be fascinated by our footprints or will our descendents find pride in our ability to save the planet from a disastrous conclusion? When the final curtain falls, will it be of our own making?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Les Jardins du Manoir Add On

Visit Digitals to see the coordinating add on to Les Jardins du Manoir!

Les Jardins du Manoir...The Manor Gardens. As the name suggests, this beautiful set evokes visions of French manor gardens and rich tapestries. Filled with beautifully textured backgrounds and a rich assortment of elements, Les Jardins du Manoir will thrill and delight your senses. Experience a richer beauty and deeper, more vibrant colors with Les Jardins du Manoir Add On. Original Kit and CD Quick Pages also available.

Included in kit:
10 richly textured vibrant backgrounds
4 borders
2 bookplates
4 buckles
7 buttons
6 fabric pieces
1 fastener
1 corner
6 ribbons
1 flourish
2 tags
1 notebook
5 flowers
1 leaf
1 frame
1 stick pin
1 rivet
2 beaded staples
4 strings
1 tassel
4 bows

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Les Jardins du Manoir

Les Jardins du Manoir...The Manor Gardens. As the name suggests, this beautiful set evokes visions of French manor gardens and rich tapestries. Filled with beautifully textured backgrounds and a rich assortment of elements, Les Jardins du Manoir will thrill and delight your senses. Experience beauty with Les Jardins du Manoir. Add on and CD Quick Pages also available.

Included in set:
10 richly textured papers
4 frames
1 overlay
6 flowers
1 flourish
1 leaf
6 journaling items
9 assorted ribbons
6 strands of stitching
1 tassle
2 beaded staples
1 rivet
1 stick pin
1 flower applique--shadowed
2 extra large photo corners
2 bookplates
1 lace
7 buttons
1 bow
2 buckles

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Look!

I've decided to add a Spring-y look to my blog in an effort to forget winter! I hope you like it!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Calendar Challenge Posted!

Join me at Digitals for the Calendar Challenge! I'll provide this great mini kit for you to make your layout with!

Mini kit is made with my newest kit, "Les Jardins du Manoir" available exclusively at Digitals!