Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Look!

I've decided to add a Spring-y look to my blog in an effort to forget winter! I hope you like it!


Joselle said...

Very pretty and springy!

CynR said...

I love the dragonflies!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i saw your AD in the yahoo groups.. and just wanted to let you know that for any campaigns you are running or whatever you can advertise your sample/freebie in our website which is totally free for you to use. I love this dragon fly background on your blog. If you wanted, you could give a sample paper away as a freebie to push one of your kits.

have fun and hope to see you there,


Cher said...

Hi Amanda!
Just wanted to say hi - and love background - have paper similar - so pretty!
I am so glad you are part pf twisted~ What a great group of women!
I pot both of the gorgeous y=tapestry kits in my cart =- tol them out thinking I would have more money this week - and, waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So - next time they are on sale sister, I will be ay Digital;s snatching them up!
Hugs~Cher~Austin, TX