Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Thoughts--Part 3

Recycled Memorial Day Post #3.

After my post last night I laid in bed thinking about sacrifice. My cousin, William Walden and my uncle, William Merrill gave the ultimate sacrifice--their lives. But didn't their family also give the ultimate sacrifice? My Uncle Arthur lost a brother (William Merrill) in WW1 and then lost his prized son (William Walden) in WW2. On there was a tribute to servicemen and women who lost their lives in Iraq. One of the photos was a soldier with his 2 small children (both of whom looked under 4). Didn't this family give the ultimate sacrifice? This young mother lost her husband and will be raising her small children alone.

So, today as I celebrate Memorial Day, I not only honor those who lost their lives in service, but also those who lost loved ones in service.

I also honor my friends Chris and Gina who parent their children alone while their husbands are gone, who go to bed every night praying that they won't be one of those wives who gives the ultimate sacrifice--their husbands. They are better women than I--I am too selfish to give my husband to my country. I am grateful that they make these sacrifices for my family to live in safety.