Friday, May 01, 2009

My NSD Challenges and Chats

Holy challenges, Batman! I am hostessing 3 challenges this month at Digitals and 3 chats this month as well!

Each challenge gives you a beautiful mini kit with which to make your layouts and also gives you a posting bonus!

Calendar Challenge

Scrap Therapy Challenge

Calendar and Scrap Therapy Challenge Minis coordinate with Summer Cottage, on sale for only $3 this month!

Designer Elements Challenge

Designer Elements Challenge Mini coordinates with my Grab bag... (How's that for a sneak peek?!) Remember my grab bag is only $3 and only on sale through May 8th!

My chats are held at a special time this month. Saturday, May 2 is my Scrap Therapy Chat. Sunday, May 3 is Like Mother/Like Daughter with Silvia and Ale and Me and Tina. Thursday, May 7th is the Calendar Chat. In celebration of National Scrapbook Day, we will be giving away prizes and freebies at the chats! You won't want to miss them! Chats are held at 9:00 pm Eastern Time in the Digitals Chat Room.