Thursday, October 04, 2012

Digitals Birthday Bash 8

Digitals is celebrating their 8th Birthday with a rollicking good time! Join me in the forum for a fun Treasure Hunt. Then hop on over to the store where you can get all my designs at 30%-50% off! Not enough for you? OK, how about some freebies?! Scoot on over to my Facebook Page for a free gift, but first, stay here and grab one!

I love this oldie of mine--probably because I love its namesake so much--Mt. Nebo Loop. Mt. Nebo Loop is a gorgeous mountain road that winds through--you guessed it--Mt. Nebo! About an hour-ish south of me, it's one of my Fall destinations of choice. In fact, I think I may make a trip up there this weekend! I love the beautiful scenery in Utah! Come visit us sometime! Want to see what Mt. Nebo Loop looks like? Check this out!

Mt. Nebo Loop

Free Mt. Nebo Loop Quick Page

Download HERE