Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had some questions as to how Olivia contracted E-Coli. Actually, half of her family got it. THe rest of the sufferers just thought they had a really bad stomach bug, but because Olivia is so tiny, it affected her the worst. Small children, the elderly, and those with chronic illness are extra susceptible to a violent reaction...Anyway, they went to a family reunion in Idaho and while they were there, they went to some natural hot springs. Since only the people that went to the hot springs got e-coli, they are sure that's where they got it. THe water at natural hot springs isn't treated, but the heat is supposed to kill all the bacteria and other germs. It seems that didn't happen. The health department has filed a report and they'll go check the hot springs for e-coli. Apparently, water is a harborer of e-coli and is responsible for many of the cases that are diagnosed. Olivia is doing great! we're hoping she comes home tomorrow!


K2 Designs said...

Awesome news on Olivia, Amanda! What is it ith swimming places this week..they shut down all the Phoenix pools a cpl days ago due to bacteria of some sorts..think we're going to not let Jayson go anymore..scary stuff! Perhaps places need to be doing a better job checking these waters where hundreds of people use daily.
Thanks for your goodies all this week! Love em all, as always! Love ya! Karen