Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fourth Layout of the Day

My fourth layout of the Day came on September 24, 2006, again over at Digitals. This was another “All About Me” layout that I made using a shadow box. I just put together a little shadow box with some items that represent me. A lot of it has to do with my marriage and husband: 20 years (how long we've been married), US, magnolias are my favorite flower, i love baubles and bright shiny objects and i try to live by the sayings "be the change" "be strong" "Seize the moment" "Enjoy". I had fun with it and loved the kit I used by Dana Frantz called “Flea Market”! It is funky fun!

This one is called “All About Me Shadow Box” (original name, I know!)

All items from Flea Market by Dana Frantz (available at Digitals) except
stitching from simply stitching little bits by Christine Nash
magnolia and pearls from Magnolia Midnight by Maddy Fernandez, at Digitals
love pin and be strong word art by Corina Nielsen
20 year label by Atomic Cupcake
Font: Bull Pen, Pea Alisha


Unknown said...

love this one amanda so beautiful.
Have a look at my blog if you have time.

Unknown said...
of course it helps if i leave the address.